“I can never remember not wanting to be a drummer and percussionist. I enjoy listening and playing music. Heck, I play at least three instruments. At first, drumming was just hitting a certain drum to me or just bang on something in a certain way or hit something in order. After finding Pat, however, I learned so much more. The drums here are plentiful so you’ll never run out of fun. And, there are certain drumsticks Pat will allow you to use. With my new knowledge of drums, music has opened up to me a bit more. I can enjoy my school bands better, hear the art of music, and even rock out with my own solo. However, I won’t plan on making it a career. For me, right now, it’s just a really fun hobby for me to do in my down time. Pat has allowed this to happen and I’m thankful for that.”

November 15, 2018