Brian L. (Elementary Student)

“I like drums with Pat Flaherty because you get to do even more than just drums, you get to do Percussion.”

Preston B. (High School Student)

“While I have been taking lessons with Pat I have learned so much about percussion and I now feel a lot more like a drummer. I like how Pat prepares me for my future as a percussionist and I also feel as if I enjoy playing and practicing drums as a result of my time spent taking lessons with Pat.”

Colton L. (Middle School Student)

“I have improved greatly from when I first started. This has improved not only in my percussion skills, but it also has helped me in my trumpet playing. It has helped me dramatically in counting and keeping a steady beat.”

Shannon L. (Parent)

“My son has gained a much greater love for all things musically from his experience with Pat. The instruction he has received in percussion has helped him with his trumpet playing, music reading and rhythm. He is loving learning percussion. Pat is patient, positive and encouraging. My son has learned to set goals and work toward achieving them.”

Gregory B. (Parent)

“My son has been taking lessons from Pat for the past 9 months and he’s learned more in those 9 months than his previous 2 1/2 years. Pat’s instructional format allows kids to excel at their own pace and his passion for Art of Drumming is evident in his teaching style and the INCREDIBLE Studio in which his students learn. He also keeps us informed about performance and workshops around town. If there was a “BEST IN BOISE” for drum instructors, Pat would win unanimously. Highly Recommended!”

Aaron S. (High School Student)

“I like how many instruments Pat has. His teaching has helped me with so many school activities.”

Shawn S. (Parent)

“My son has shown major improvement in just a few months with Pat. Pat shows great patience and understanding in how to explain concepts and skills. I have been impressed by the depths of Pat’s knowledge of numerous aspects of percussion instruments and styles. I appreciate his passion to share his abilities with young people. My son in gaining a great perspective and a better understanding of what it means to be a percussionist.”

Nathan M. (High School Student)

“The amount of knowledge Pat has on percussion is amazing. Pat definitely cares about the students’ best interests.”

Gabe H. (Middle School Student)

“I am a student starting in 7th grade I was the worst percussionist and now I am the best in a lot of areas because of these extra lessons. Because of these lessons I want to drum when I grow up. I also enjoy practicing now and can work well with a lot of things now. I really recommend taking lessons from Pat.”

Gil M. (Parent)

“We got lucky finding Pat. We were new in town and it just so happens a salesman at Fred Mayer who happened to be Pat’s former student recommended him. Plus, my sons high school music director also recommended Pat. It was a win-win! I’ve watched my son’s skill improve 110 percent over the past 6 months. I don’t think I could find a more talented instructor for my son.”

Juliette H. (Parent)

“Mr. Flaherty is a perfectionist and it shows! He expects the best of his students and is highly complimentary when tasks are accomplished. My son enjoys his lesson time and looks forward to showing off his improved technique each week. Pat is a very effective teacher.”

Kyrsten W. (High School Band Student)

“Lessons with Pat have really helped with my reading and getting faster and the correct pattern sticking. He has helped me understand music when I first start a new piece and he believes in me. And I need that.”

Mikael H. (Grade School Student)

“I think taking drum lessons has really improved my concentration and focus. I like it and I bet you would too. I wouldn’t have ended up like this unless I did work each day.”

Ava J. (Middle School Student)

“I really enjoy Pat’s lessons. I have learned things I never imagined I would learn. I have learned it faster that I thought I would as well. He also does not put pressure on me.”

Lisa J. (Parent)

“My daughter has blossomed into a great little drummer at Pat Flaherty’s Studio! His teaching style is fun and approachable. He teaches one step at a time, always checking for understanding before he moves on. He also educates us on various learning opportunities and events in the community. These events can inspire or teach your student to reach their maximum potential. I highly recommend Pat’s Studio.”

Bryan W. (Adult Student)

“Since I have started taking lessons from Pat he has been able to take my current knowledge and focus it into a productive and fun experience to expand my playing ability. His ability to teach all age groups and abilities help his students progress faster. Concepts are explained very well with written, video and practical exercises. He has everything you could need to get started playing percussion. His fees are very reasonable and he has been able to work with my odd work schedule.”

Abbey M. (Parent of 3 students)

“I bring all three of my children to Pat for drum lessons. My oldest has been coming for 6 years and my other two for 4 years. They have learned so much about music and the discipline that it takes to become a better player. They have learned not only how to play drums but also bells and marimba. It has helped my oldest for his school band and will help the other two when they join the school band.”

Alan J. (Parent)

“Anyone who may be interested in learning how to properly become a traditional drummer must consider Pat Flaherty’s Drum and Percussion Lessons. He is very directed and structured in his approach to teaching anyone how to be a drummer. He is patient and understanding and very easy to work with. He also has a great sense of humor.”

Joshua J. (Elementary Student)

“Pat has helped me learn more about the drums than I thought that I would ever learn. He’s the best music instructor/teacher that I’ve ever met and am I glad that I’m in his class.”

Scott & Stacie S. (Parents)

“Pat is very professional and has more than 30 years of experience teaching percussion! We came to Pat so our son could improve his skills and in a month we has seen our son’s abilities blossom. Pat is positive, knowledgeable and a patient instructor. He truly cares about his students and has a passion for teaching music to the next generation.”

Skylar Krall – Director of Bands, Kuna High Band

Pat began working with the Kuna High School percussion section on an occasional basis, in a workshop-type setting. Through these clinics our students began to improve quickly, once they put in their full efforts. It’s now a great pleasure to work with Pat on a full-time basis! Pat helps us with everything: marching percussion/drumline, concert percussion, solo and ensemble and music fundamentals. I especially appreciate his professionalism and his ability to connect with students.

Josh T. (High School Band Percussionist)

Pat is a very wise percussionist and has taught me a lot of things about percussion from great warmups to the little things with technique.

Landon S. (High School Student)

I have only been in lessons for a few weeks and I have already improved in playing percussion. Mr. Flaherty is a great teacher with lots of experience both teaching and performing.

Gabe C. (Kuna High Band Percussionist)

I have learned a lot about Percussion from Pat by using his pattern pages and through practices that he helped with. I am very grateful for all the work Pat has helped with not only for me but all the Kuna Percussionists.

Ryan F. (Kuna High Band Percussionist)

I thank Pat for teaching me the basics of percussion. I didn’t know how to do most basic beats and rudiments. I was able to learn snare thanks to him. He always gives out great tips. He taught me to listen to the parts that I play and how to relate to the rest of the band music.

Brett Peterson (BSU Gene Harris Scholarship Recipient)

I took lessons from Pat for many years, and you opened up an entire world as far as what could be done with drumming. I remember when he sent me to a drum camp at the University of North Texas. It was there that I realized I had much to learn! I wouldn’t know half of the things I know now if it weren’t for that experience. Thank you, Pat! You’re a great educator and percussionist!

James Kassis (Performer & Teacher) San Francisco, CA

I took lessons with Pat Flaherty from 1980 through 83. After becoming a confident drummer and percussionist with solid basics I studied classical percussion with Tony Cirone and Jack Van Geem of the San Francisco Symphony; John Galm and Terry Smith of the Colorado Symphony; jazz drums with Donald “duck” Baily, Peter Magadinni and Akira Tana. I will say, out of all these amazing teachers and players, pat has had the biggest influence on me. He is truly a great teacher! He is the man!

Jeremy Kane (Band Director & Composer)

I always loved music and knew that I wanted to be a music teacher someday however passion alone does not always produce desired results. Pat helped focus my music instruction and took my percussion playing to a new level. Pat prepared me for college auditions, sent me to the Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps which I marched for two years. He took me on my first “real” gig to play “The Living Christmas Tree” at College Church of the Nazarene! I am forever indebted to Pat for his mentoring through the years and now I “live my dream composing and teaching music.” Thanks Pat!

Louis McFarland (Free Lance Percussionist & Drum Line Instructor)

I took my first ‘real’ drum lesson with Pat when I was 15 years old and when I walked into his little studio on 5 Mile filled with all the different varieties of percussion instruments – marimbas, timpani, drum-sets, etc. – I knew I was in the right place. The instruction and exposure I gained while working with Pat really opened up my eyes to the overall scope of percussion (and music in general) and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you Pat and may you continue to inspire future generations!

Kendall Shew (Past Student – Part Time Musician)

My lessons with Pat Flaherty from 92-98 as a junior high and high school student set me on a path as a well-rounded working drummer and percussionist in my adult years. I am thankful for the time that was spent on fundamentals and reading music. Some instructors can make you sound like a “good” player by teaching by rote or only focusing on a few aspects, but knowing the “hows and whys” of your hands/feet/brain with many styles and instruments has become something I have stressed to my current and past students. A lesson with Pat isn’t just instruction on the craft, you can expect to learn leadership skills, common-sense, values, and establish a great work ethic. Thanks Pat!