Anita D. (Mom)

“I appreciate Pat’s thoroughness in teaching my son, Peter. Pat isn’t just showing him how to play a rock beat on a drum set, but is teaching him various techniques, musical styles, and instrument, making Peter a well-rounded percussionist and opening up many more doors for him.”

Troy H. (Parent)

“Jared has really loved taking drum lessons from Pat. Pat is great with his students, both encouraging and holding his pupils accountable. The lessons have been a great experience for Jared as he grows with his music. Thank you Pat! “

Neil Campbell-Brennan (Past Student – Percussion Student at BSU)

“In 4 years I went from having a casual interest in playing drum kit to being versed in Rock, Funk, R & B, Jazz, and World Drumming, as well as starting to become proficient in concert percussion, rudimental snare, and marimba (including four mallet playing). Pat’s guidance has been invaluable.”

Sam Carlson (Student at U of I and Berklee School of Music – Boston)

“Having taken about six years of drum & percussion lessons with Pat, I’ve grown as an aspiring musician aiming for the professional level. Every week I go I leave with renewed vigor to further my studies. Being well rounded, Pat has encouraged me enough to pursue all types of percussion, leaving no realm of percussion in the dark.”

Craig Golightly – (Past Student – ALL STATE PERCUSSION CHAMPION)

“I first met Pat at high school drum camp in 10th grade. I had played in middle school and my freshman year but wouldn’t call myself a percussionist at that time. I was just coasting along with everyone else and discovered I really didn’t know how to read music! I started taking regular lessons with Pat and he helped me with drum corps leadership and people skills as well as becoming a well rounded percussionist. I went on to be corps leader, play in All-State band, and took 1st place at state in both rudimental snare drum and timpani solos my senior year. I highly recommend Pat to students of all ages.

Jacey (High School Student)

“I am getting better, especially since I have been taking drum lessons here. The experience is fun and easy. I am becoming a VERY GOOD DRUMMER!  😉  😉  😉  😉 “

Jonah H. (Student – University of Idaho)

“You know, I was a high school senior at Boise High and graduated in 2015, and having been in music from when I was in sixth grade, I had believed that I knew something or two about Percussion. And yet within the weeks of working with Mr. Flaherty, I now realize that many of the rhythms that I knew were merely cheap tricks, and that in order to be a truly good Percussionist, you must have your basics down. Basics, in fact, are probably the most important, yet least stressed area of Percussion, and I have Pat to thank for helping me to fix what issues I had. My playing has improved by a considerable margin and I have him to thank for it.”

Jackson J. (High School Band Student)

“When I came here I knew nothing about drums and after two months I could understand music easily. These lessons make me focus on school band more. When I hear music on the radio I can count and keep the beat to it. The studio has every percussion instrument, not just drums. I enjoy playing music so I can play it to impress friends or just to have fun. I focus more on music and on getting it right than not playing it wrong and sounding like trash. I think lessons will get me pretty far in life. IT IS FUN!”

Spencer L. (High School Student)

“I started years ago with Pat knowing keyboard but was just starting to delve into the world of percussion. I was unsure if I would like percussion, but have grown to love it. Pat is definitely the best teacher/instructor I’ve ever met, and needless to say, my Favorite. If you’ve ever considered starting music (in percussion), this is by Far the Best way to start and get into it.”

Xueling X. (Father)

“Both my daughters are learning from Pat. He’s a great teacher and both my kids like him. I can see their understanding of music performance has improved a lot during the past year. Best of all, Pat teaches them some of the life lessons from time to time. You know, kids sometimes do not listen to their parents. But they listen to their teachers, and it works pretty well!”

Amanda X. (Middle School Student)

“I can never remember not wanting to be a drummer and percussionist. I enjoy listening and playing music. Heck, I play at least three instruments. At first, drumming was just hitting a certain drum to me or just bang on something in a certain way or hit something in order. After finding Pat, however, I learned so much more. The drums here are plentiful so you’ll never run out of fun. And, there are certain drumsticks Pat will allow you to use. With my new knowledge of drums, music has opened up to me a bit more. I can enjoy my school bands better, hear the art of music, and even rock out with my own solo. However, I won’t plan on making it a career. For me, right now, it’s just a really fun hobby for me to do in my down time. Pat has allowed this to happen and I’m thankful for that.”

Peter D. (Percussion Student at the U of I)

Before taking lessons with Pat, I wasn’t comfortable playing mallet percussion at all. Pat was able to guide me in several ways to develop and improve technique, sight reading, and musicianship overall. A few years later I worked up a 4-mallet keyboard solo and won second place in the Idaho All State Solo Festival. Shortly after that Pat helped me audition get into the 2015 All Northwest Concert Band. Pat definitely has the tools and experience that he can provide to any student to help them become the best musician if they are dedicated. [Peter is now a student studying Percussion on scholarship at the University of Idaho]”

Julie W. (Parent)

“We are very pleased with our experience in Pat’s Studio. Our son has grown so much with regards to his percussion abilities. His improvement and skills earned him the title of “Drum Captain” in his high school marching band. The price is very reasonable. The knowledge is even better. Pat is very professional and approachable and friendly. Thank you for helping our experience with lessons be a good one. We hope to see our son go way past high school band.”

Jake S. (Mountain View HS Choir – Drum Set)

“I started the same as everyone else. I thought all I had to do was beat a drum, but I was mistaken. I walked in not even knowing how to hold a drumstick. I’ve been here for a couple of years now and with guidance from Pat I’ve improved a lot. I’ve become the Jazz drummer for my high school’s jazz choir group and I even do a few miscellaneous musical performances for those who ask; and it all started right here in this studio! Taking lessons here was a very positive turning point in my life and I’d recommend learning here. It’s so much fun and completely worth it.”

Camden S. (Middle School Student)

“Drum lessons have always been very professional. I’ve improved greatly with Pat’s help. He has a cheerful atmosphere that helps with learning. School band has become much easier.”

Heather J. (Parent)

We have had a great experience taking drum lessons here at Pat’s Studio. My son came with no experience and not even sure he was going to enjoy playing. He has come to really love it and is now able to participate in school band – which he really enjoys. He has learned, and is still learning, how to use self-discipline and improve his organizational skills to make his practice time efficient and effective. Pat takes so much time and makes every effort to help my son understand the lessons. He is very good at finding creative and useful ways to relate real life experiences to the lessons so they stick with the kids. Pat is always willing to help with any questions and goes out of his way to assist with problems my son may be having with his school band music as well. He has been a life saver and has helped my son discover an activity he will enjoy for life.”

Keaton L. (High School Band Student)

“I have improved very well taking drum lessons with Pat. Taking lessons here has helped me decide what I want to do in life and has helped me decide where to go for college. I really appreciate the cleanliness and organization of the studio. I love making music at this studio and it has made me want to write and compose my own music multiple times. It has helped me tremendously in school music especially marching band. Taking lessons with Mr. Flaherty doesn’t just teach you drums but also helps with life decisions and inspiration.”

Angela J. (Parent)

“Our son has been taking drum lessons from Pat for one and a half years. Pat’s method has made it easy for our son to learn counting, coordination, and reading music. It has encouraged him to want to try playing other instruments. We have had a very positive learning experience from Pat.”

Cyndee B. (Eli’s Mom)

“It is fun to see Eli grow as he has been taking drum lessons from Pat. I am amazed at what it takes to be a drummer! Even I have learned as I sit and wait during lessons! Thanks!”

Louie A. (Dad)

“Drum lessons with Pat allowed Lucas to come up to speed in junior high band! My experience here at Pat’s studio has been very positive. Pat has impacted Lucas’ percussion knowledge significantly and enhanced his overall music ability. The level of professionalism I view at Pat’s studio is the highest level and it exceeded my expectations. Some of the specific things I like about the studio are the open and comfortable space. Patrick’s legacy is all over the studio. Lucas is now practicing drums more than guitar (his original instrument). Lucas’ school band experience is much better. He has achieved competence and enjoyed the experience. I believe these lessons will help Lucas’ musical career. They have significantly enhanced his overall musical knowledge. I particularly appreciate Pat sharing his experiences from his musical career.”

Wesley W. (Elementary Student)

“You will be better at school band and know almost maybe everything. You will become a great drummer or percussionist and practice everyday and maybe become famous. IT IS GREAT!”

Kathy W. (Wesley’s Mom)

“Drum lessons here with Pat are fun and very technical. My son started at the Boise Rock School but we wanted someone to give him the fundamentals of drumming and Pat is just the person to do that. Pat is very patient and can relate to all age groups and abilities. He gives lessons that are challenging enough to keep the students’ interest without overwhelming them. We are glad we discovered Pat’s drum lessons.”

Kevin W. (Henry’s Dad)

“The students in my son’s class act as a team. They learn from each other, helping those who struggle, encourage each other, sometimes even give each other a hard time for their mistakes. Pat has a way of knowing which kids will compliment each other and fostering this fun creates a comfortable and positive learning environment. My son has thrived musically and socially in the year plus while he has studied under Pat.”

Joan V. (Caleb’s Mom)

“Since beginning drum lessons in September I have seen a marked improvement in Caleb’s confidence in his playing. The studio I well equipped with various instruments to assist teaching the students. I like that Pat discusses with the students a philosophy of life-long-learning. Learning an instrument is a continual process. Thank You!”

Myles S. (High School Percussion Section Leader)

“I like these drum lessons with Pat for a lot of reasons. It has helped me a ton with percussion in a short amount of time. It has made me understand music a lot better also. Drum lessons have made me like playing and making music a ton more. It has also helped me in school for band. I can play all of the music a ton better for concerts.”

Dusty S. (Mom)

“I have been so impressed with Pat and his technique in teaching and interacting with my son. He is a professional and it shows; not in just playing percussion but in teaching. My son looks forward to his lessons. Pat has ignited a passion in my son to practice and improve in percussion. I would highly recommend lessons with Pat. His studio is amazing and well equipped with everything. It’s a fun place to be.”

Patrick L. (Brian’s Father)

“Our seven-year-old son started taking drum lessons with Pat about nine months ago. I was immediately impressed with Pat’s patience and professionalism. Out son has ADHD and his attention sometimes wanders, but that has never fazed Pat. He just takes it in stride. I’ve seen him work with some other kids and not only are the lessons tailored to a student’s level but they are specific to that student and his or her learning style. After about six months of watching the lessons and helping our son practice at home, I decided to take the plunge and signed up for my own drum lessons. At age forty I had never played an instrument and couldn’t read music, but I’ve learned a lot already and I’m really having fun. With Pat’s guidance (and consistent practice) anybody can do this.”

Luke P. (High School Band Student)

“The experience at Pat Flaherty Drums is amazing. He’ll teach you at a good pace and show you the steps for everything you need to become a successful drummer. From mallets to drums, Pat Flaherty Drums is the company I’d recommend.”

Lisa P. (Luke’s Mom)

“My child’s drumming has improved greatly since he started lessons with Pat. He had to try out for a solo in his band concert and he go it. I believe the extra lessons he had with Pat helped him secure that solo. I recommend Pat to any parent looking for lessons for their child.”

Shari M. (Kyles’ Mom)

“Kyle has loved coming to learn from Pat each week. Pat is so patient and encouraging. Pat really takes the time to talk to Kyle and help him fully understand what he’s working on. It has really helped. Kyle’s skills have greatly improved. I really appreciate how Pat will work with Kyle to improve the music he’s playing at school. And Kyle’s band teacher has noticed the improvement also. Kyle played a different musical instrument last year, but he was never motivated to practice. With Pat’s instruction and guidance Kyle has loved practicing and improving.”

Alan J. (Joshua’s Dad)

“Our son Joshua has found Pat’s class to be a very positive experience. Pat has an ability to help kids improve at drumming while allowing them to remain a little crazy and active like kids can be. This ability helps keep the lessons fun and exciting for our son. We are pleased to see our son’s ability improve at a pace that is comfortable for him. The drum class is important to my son, and that is because of Pat’s teachings. He is a professional at handling the energy of the kids and direct it in a very positive direction. We are very happy to know that there are people like Pat who inspire kids with his talents and open their minds to music. Thanks to Pat Flaherty.”

Jackson J. (High School Student)

“This studio has provided me with the best over site in percussion ever, even more than the others in band. The studio is professional when needed and goofy when needed. I like the variety of instruments and music that you are allowed to play. I enjoy my time at lessons. It has given me a better understanding of music than the modern people will ever guess. Lessons have made me far better at school. It has helped me advance to where it blows me away how far I’ve gone. Pat Flaherty helps give you the tools to figure out every single piece of music.”

Terri Trotter, CEO, Sun Valley Center for the Arts

“I can’t recommend Pat highly enough for drum lessons and percussion lessons. My daughter has learned so much from him and she really enjoys her lessons. Pat is really connected to the percussion world all over the country. He’s not only a great teacher and mentor, he’s a tremendous resource. And he is very dedicated to his students and to helping them achieve the goals they want to achieve. We are moving from Idaho and one of the things we will miss most is lessons with Pat!”

Eric Downs (Graduate School in Percussion)

“I had finished my undergraduate degree in Percussion at Boise State University and was attempting to find a Master’s percussion program at other potential schools with very little luck. I contacted Pat after we had performed a Thanksgiving concert together for the Boise community. Except for one other individual, Pat was the reason I received a Graduate Teaching Fellowship in Percussion and am now attending Central Michigan University for my Master’s degree. Pat met with me at the drop of a hat multiple times and aided in choosing my audition music for multiple school auditions. Most importantly, he was able to connect with people he has networked with over his career and allowed me to expedite the process of being accepted into gradate school. Though I was never a student of Pat’s, what floored me was how involved Pat was willing to be in my journey to the next step of my life, DESPITE not having any prior experiences with me. Without his guidance and persistence to help in all aspects of the graduate procedures, I would not be continuing my education as I am now. Thank You Pat!”

Robin (Timpanist, Caldwell Centennial Band)

“Being a non-traditional student, I have thoroughly enjoyed my timpani lessons with Pat.  While having an extensive background in music and keyboard instruments, he has focused my lessons on exactly what I needed to do to be the timpanist for the Caldwell Centennial Band.  He has been able to accommodate both my work schedule, and my specific lesson needs.  I am so excited to be learning this new instrument from such an awesome teacher.  Thank you, Pat!”

Eli B.

“Looking back when I started I realized how much I’ve improved. Pat Flaherty is an amazing teacher. He has taught me so much. I am now even better than all of my percussionist friends thanks to him. I have improved So Much!”

Carson C. (High School Student)

“Pat is the best drumming teacher I have ever met. I’ve learned so much from him and have been able to apply what I’ve learned into my everyday drumming. He’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and one of the greatest drummers you will ever meet. Taking lessons from him was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done.”

Cyndee B.

“Eli has been taking lessons for several years with Pat. He has progressed very well in that time. I have gained a great appreciation for understanding rhythm and being able to use all your limbs to play drums! Eli is always tapping out a rhythm while he is thinking etc. It’s fun to see your child gain an understanding of music. Thanks Pat!”

Jackson V.

“Pat’s studio is a great place that helps me concentrate on the little details to help me improve. Pat is very friendly and welcoming to any and all new students. I’ve learned a lot in the time I’ve studied with Pat on stick control, how to practice, moving around drum set and how to work with other musicians. I’m definitely glad that I decided to take lessons from Pat.”

Ann H. (adult drummer)

“I’ve been playing drums for years and was completely self taught. I realized I needed some direction to improve and grow. I have made more progress with Pat in a few weeks than I ever made on my own. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun but productive. I am so glad I made the decision to take my playing to the next level with Pat’s support and instruction.”

Brodey M.

“I like playing the drums because my brother was playing the drums. First I thought “who cares” but when he got a drum set I really wanted to learn how to play them.”

Camden S. (High School Band)

“These lessons have helped to prepare me for the higher level of band at the high school. Mr. Flaherty has also helped me to think about what I want to do with music in my future. I always want to prepare for each weekly lesson.”

BayLei M. (Elementary School)

“Pat makes me laugh. I love what he teaches me. I love when he teaches me something new. I love the drum set beats and the Rudiments. Pat is the Best Music Teacher Ever!”

Jaiden M. (Elementary Band)

“I improved from second grade in drum lessons. It has impacted school subjects by making me smarter. I have experienced how to use a marimba and a drum set. He can prepare you for a concert or an audition. I like his studio because he has a lot of percussion instruments. I enjoy making music more because music can make you smarter and famous. My lessons have improved my school musical group activities by making me stay on track and work as a team. Pat is also teaching me to play more than one instrument like last year when I played “Santa’s Sleigh Ride.” He keeps you on track and you learn a lot.”

Sharie F. (Mother)

“My daughter wanted to play drums rock band style. I was very happy to learn that not only does Pat teach drum set but ALL percussion instruments. I have loved seeing her music expand. My daughter did not enjoy her piano lessons, but with Pat’s encouragement she now practices on her own. She had no interest in her elementary school choir but when Pat pointed out it would help her learn timpani, she signed up. He has been an amazing influence and an awesome teacher.”

Stacy F. (Middle School Band)

“I like drum class for a couple reasons. I like the fact that Pat teaches different percussion instruments and its just fun to play on the instruments.”

Dane M. (Father)

“Pat is an amazing teacher. All three of my kids are taking lessons and they are better after every lesson. He knows how to deal with difficult children in a way that is inspiring. He is always willing to help my son if he has an upcoming band performance as well.”

Caleb V. (Middle School Band)

“I have noticed that with drum lessons my experiences in band have increased greatly. When I started drum lessons I was behind in band but thanks to lessons I’m above what’s required for my current level of band. I’m able to enjoy playing music much more now that I have a better grasp and playing instruments and pieces of music. I also like that I’m able to come to lessons and learn certain requirements and skills I would’ve never learned in school that would prepare me for furthering my musical experience.”

Rachel E. (High School Student)

“Mr. Flaherty has an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to percussion. In only a few lessons I’ve learned so much more about the art. He pushes me to be a better player. Also, the environment created in his studio is very welcoming and encouraging!”

Patrick L. (Father and Student)

“My nine year old son and I have been taking drum lessons from Pat for nearly two years and we love it. Coming to the studio is something we really look forward to every week. Pat is very skilled at tailoring the learning experience to fit each individual student. So, it doesn’t matter what your age, musical experience, or learning style may be. As long as you practice consistently and you’re passionate about playing drums, you’ll make great progress and have a lot of fun along the way.”